Morro Montecristi

The most beautiful snorkeling areas

Exotic mangroves

The best diving spot

Beautiful Natural Pool

The 7 Islands

Magical Beaches


Barrier reef

A barrier reef with 249 kilometers in total. It is the most pristine and vibrant reef in the country.
Join us for an expedition exploring one of the hundreds of 16th through 19th century ship wrecks found off the coast of Monte Cristi.


One of the 32 provinces of the Dominican Republic, it was founded in 1506. A current population of 24,644 people.
Wild and captivating scenery. Rice and banana plantations, goats and giant cacti are found along the road.


Seawater is concentrated in shallow man-made ponds, before it evaporates and leaves behind large salt crystals that are then transformed into table salt.


Whether in front of your hotel, on the boardwalk or on the exotic beach called El Zapato (The Shoe), all the beaches are warm and quiet.


Bungalows or Villas.
First line of the Beach.
Three stars all-inclusive services.

A magical experience for magical expectations.

Cayo Arena

White sandbank in the middle of the ocean

Discover Cayo Arena

Corals and sponges that surround the caye, where octopuses, crabs, schools of surgeonfish, sergeant majors, damselfish, angelfish, and yellowtail snappers all swim around your feet.

40 minutes from Montecristi we take a boat in the fishing village called Buen Hombre (Good Man). For approximately 20 minutes we arrived at this paradisiacal place.

Cayo Arena

Crystal clear water


Corals and Reefs

Beautiful Natural Pool

Exotic mangroves

Magnificent marine life

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